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I am writing to say a heartfelt thank you for the care you and your team gave to Dad during the last months of his life. When he came to live with us we knew he needed a lot of support and the carers from Absolute Homecare made it possible for us to have him at home with us.

Carers from Absolute Care were always cheerful, supportive of Dad and the family, and willing to do more than we expected. We cannot recommend them highly enough. Even when Dad was demanding – and from time to time he was – the care and support given remained of the highest quality.

When we needed little things to make the task of caring easier Absolute Homecare were on the phone making sure that slide sheets and creams arrived. When we needed larger equipment such as a bed, and were met with delays, it was the  persistence and knowledge of how to get things done demonstrated by Absolute Homecare, that meant it was delivered. Without this care and support these months may well have been a great deal more stressful.

Dad moved from his flat in a different area to be with us and so we had experience of more than one care company. I am aware that the fees charged by Absolute Care are marginally more expensive than some other care companies. When choosing care for their loved ones it is important for families to know that a comparison on price alone is not a like for like comparison. Based on my experience, in my opinion the service offered by Absolute Homecare is far superior both in terms of the immediate care given and the breadth of support that underlies that care.


Christine Adams

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